Rhythm Wigs Provides Options for Women with Locs

Dreadlocks have a rich history that dates as far back as 2500 B.C. However, they became a staple in Jamaican culture and later adopted in America due to the appeal of the late great Bob Marley. Today, locs have been further popularized by everyday people and legendary entertainers such as Whoopi Goldberg, Toni Morrison, Lauryn Hill and most recently Ava Duvernay.

For many, locs signified religious beliefs (like Samson of the Bible) and freedom from societal constraints; more recently, they are a beautifully bold depiction of the unique versatility of our kinky, curly tresses.

Rhythm Wigs Founder and Owner, Angella Fraser recalls her own journey with locs,

“I had locs for about 12 yrs. I LOVED them! I even named some of them (always having a favorite and an independent-minded one) ; cultivated them as they were born of my hands and love for my hair. I extended that kinky hair-self-love-joy to my children. My locs crowned me in various colors, in up-do’s, twists and peeking out of turbans. They made my obfuscated heritage clear, confident, Mother Africa. I often mourn them for a moment just before I celebrate that the lessons of my journey with them are forever mine.”

However, when Fraser was donning her locs, styling options weren’t what they are today. She confesses, “If I’d had these wig options, I might still have them.”

So for the professional 40+ black woman with locs, Fraser wants you to know, “I see you. I feel you my loc-lovely sisters and I created options with you in mind.”

Take a look at these natural hair wig newbies and their transformation from locs to Rhythm Wig beauties.

Check out all of our styles and leave us a voice message if you have any questions..

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