Press Release: Rhythm Wigs Offers Professional Black Women Style, Quality and Service

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Rhythm Wigs offers professional Black women style, quality and service

Triangle, NC – Monday, October 16, 2017 – HeadSpace NC announces its latest creations Rhythm Wigs for kinky/curly career women over 40.

Rhythm Wigs is a collection of wigs and wig services for professional Black women age 40 & older. These women have advanced in their careers, started new businesses, raised families, to become leaders in our communities and around the world yet they are not well represented in the thriving hair care/product industry. Until now. The Rhythm Wigs experience is designed to respect the style, quality, and service they expect so they can boldly affirm their natural kinky/curly aesthetic.

Owner & Creative Director, Angella Fraser developed a love for hair as a form of self-expression as a girl and now has come full circle to offer styling options to the women in her tribe. In her Huffington Post article, Hair at Work, she raises awareness to the difficult balance surrounding the hair decisions faced by Black women in the workplace. With the learnings from her 25+ year journey as a Black woman in corporate arenas and now as a licensed natural hair care specialist, she has discovered that she “deeply understands those ‘hair moments’ that transform women to fully own their confidence and courage…and it’s those moments that I want to manifest more and more for my tribe”.

A launch party for the Rhythm Wigs Collection will be held on Friday, October 20th from 5:30 – 8:00 pm at Hamilton Hill Jewelry at Brightleaf Square, Durham.  Guests will have an opportunity to see, feel and shop the beautiful collection.  10% of the evening’s sales (wigs and jewelry) will be donated to the NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA), a state-wide alliance whose incredible work was introduced to Angella when her daughter, Kai, did a summer internship.

Angella recently left her senior management position with a large technology company to open HeadSpace NC, recognizing that “when your head is right, you’re unstoppable”. The small business offers one of a kind hats (now available online and at Ngozi Design Collective in Durham), hosts monthly courageous conversations about diversity (HEAD Talks) and now introduces Rhythm Wigs to the Triangle.  She looks forward to providing more employment opportunities to the talented local workforce.

About Angella Fraser:

  • Emigrated from Jamaica in 1970, US citizenship soon followed
  • Grew up in Brooklyn, NY
  • Earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania
  • Earned a Masters in Computer Information Systems from The City University of New York
  • Moved with her 3 children and fell in love with NC in 2003
  • Accomplished career in several Fortune 500 companies
  • Served as President of a 900 member global black employee network while at a local technology giant
  • Earned a state license to practice as a Natural Hair Care Specialist (trained at Wake Tech’s School of Cosmetology)

For more information ( or to schedule an interview contact Angella Fraser (919-749-8902) (

Notable data* on the Black hair care Industry:

(Data obtained from Mintel)

“Even as Black consumers showcase a variety of hairstyles and embrace their natural hair, wigs, weaves and extensions have held their ground. Black women are spending a tremendous amount on these products annually, but they remain essential among a wide range of Black haircare consumers as they fulfill the desire to switch up hairstyles while also allowing for a simple, no-fuss daily beauty and grooming routine”

The weave, extension and wig segment remains popular in the wake of both market and consumer shifts toward natural hair products and away from relaxers.

In 2014, 44 percent of Black women reported having a weave, wig or extensions in the previous 12 months with 38 percent saying they planned to have them in the upcoming 12 months.

Three in five (63 percent) Black women purchased wigs, weaves, extensions or styling tools from local independent beauty supply stores in the last six months, averaging an annual spend of $239 (vs $173 for Black men), with 10 percent of Black women spending over $250 annually.

Further suggesting weaves, wigs and extensions are here to stay, 81 percent of Black women prefer an effective, no-fuss beauty/grooming routine, and 84 percent prefer hairstyles that are simple and easy to do themselves.


Angella Fraser, Owner

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