Our Wigs: Designed for You

How many wigs have you seen, tried on or bought that were beautiful until washing them created a matted mess or they looked good but felt awful or just weren’t believable as real hair? 

We create Rhythm Wigs to be an expression of you: your cultural aesthetic, your reputation, and your unique style. To that end, our wig creations reflect the quality, look and feel that you’ll love.


“…when I tried this wig on I looked absolutely stunning!”

“These wigs are so well made and not like any wigs I have seen.”

“I am a happy customer and can’t believe I have found such a wonderful style solution in a wig.”

Our wigs are handcrafted by licensed hair and beauty professionals with a commitment to provide you the very best. Every aspect of the wigs’ design is in response to needs that we have had and have heard for years.  You want soft premium quality hair, textures similar to natural hair (no bone straight/flat hair), styles that are appropriate for the professional settings, a comfortable breathable cap, long-lasting wear and most importantly, to encourage the nurturing of our own hair and scalp.  We use natural sulfate-free products to cleanse, condition and seal the hair on each wig and encourage you to use these same products on your natural hair and scalp. 

Features Benefits
Bleached knots
Lined lace closures
Lace color closely matches scalp
Natural look (no ‘wiggy-ness’)
Lined lace closures
Machine sewn
Long wear & durability
Ventilated wig cap Scalp can breathe
Not as hot as other caps
Access to scalp

And the best part of Rhythm Wigs is that they’re your hair – that you just happened to buy. Like your natural hair, they can be worn wash-and-go, as a twist-out or braid-out, straightened or colored (see FAQs and Maintaining Your Rhythm Wig for details).

We are here to guide you through every step of the process. If have any questions about our wigs—their styling, color, or what style to choose—just ask! Contact us by email at info@headspacenc.com or leave a voicemail by clicking ‘Send Voicemail’ on the right side of this website.  We’ll get back to you within 24 hours (M-F 9AM-6PM EST).

Rhythm Wigs are designed and made in the US with you in mind.  When you put one on, you’ll feel and look like the ‘you’ you want to see!