How to Preform 2-Strand Twist & Twist Outs On Your Rhythm Wig

2-Strand Twist

It’s not a secret that a growing number of black women have started to embrace their natural tresses. Take a look at any group of women and you’ll likely find that naturals outnumber chemically processed women 2:1. Believe it or not, this isn’t a trend; it’s become a way of life!

At Rhythm Wigs, we pride ourselves on providing beautiful, kinky, curly wigs for professional black women. One of the advantages of wearing our premium handcrafted wigs is the ability to create gorgeous natural looking styles.

Here’s how you can achieve beautiful 2-strand twist and twist out using our human hair wigs:

  • Place your unit on the free wig stand that was included with your wig purchase.
  • Create a small 2-3 inch section of hair
  • Saturate with a leave in conditioner followed by a curl enhancer and brush through for even distribution.
  • Create two smaller sections and cross left over right or left over right until you reach the end of the section.
  • Repeat until the entire wig is covered in two-strand twists.
  • Allow to dry overnight

View the process here:

Wear your 2-strand twist as is for a couple of days or pin them up into a cute style. When you’re ready, cover your hands in your favorite oil and begin to unravel your twist starting at the ends, separate and style as desired.

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