How to Color Your Wig Using Over the Counter Products

If you’re a professional hair stylist, coloring is a process that you’ve probably spent years perfecting from product to technique. However, if you’re a kitchen stylist or merely a woman looking to change up her look, professional products aren’t at your disposal and your technique is relegated to the instructions listed on the back of whatever box color you purchased from over the counter.

Today, we decided to walk you through the coloring process using one of our Rhythm Wigs ponytails using Revlon ColorSilk products.


Step Two: Put on the gloves provided in the package.

Step Three: Pour the color into the developer, snip the edge of the nozzle, place onto the developer and shake well while       sealing the opening with your finger. Clear the nozzle and shake again.

Step Four: Generously apply the color throughout from top to the ends.
Sidenote: If highlighting, start further down using a brush to blend to avoid having a solid line.

Step Five: Make sure to color both sides.

Step Six: Continue to work the color throughout the unit until entirely saturated.

Step Seven: Allow the color to sit for 20-30 minutes to set and process.

Step Eight: Now rinse using warm water until the water runs clear.
(Don’t panic! Color always looks darker when it’s wet. Don’t judge the shade until the hair is completely dry.)

Step Nine: Apply the conditioner provided and rinse.

Step Ten: Squeeze out excess water then blow dry.

In a few easy steps, you’ve changed the look of your unit with minimal cost. That’s the beauty of wigs! You get to change your look by experimenting with colors and styles without causing any damage to your natural hair.

For professional coloring of your Rhythm Wig, contact us directly for pricing and check out our maintenance services as well to extend the life of your wig.

Check out this video for a full tutorial on coloring your wig:

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