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Rhythm Wigs Provides Options for Women with Locs

Dreadlocks have a rich history that dates as far back as 2500 B.C. However, they became a staple in Jamaican culture and later adopted in America due to the appeal of the late great Bob Marley. Today, locs have been further popularized by everyday people and legendary entertainers such as Whoopi Goldberg, Toni Morrison, Lauryn Hill and most recently Ava […]

Hair and Hot Topics with The Hair Radio Show

Recently, founder and owner of Rhythm Wigs, Angella Fraser, had an opportunity to speak with Kerry Hines, host of The Hair Radio Show about black women’s hair in the workplace, how she fought Corporate America and won, entrepreneurship and all things Rhythm Wigs. Take a listen:

Hair at Work

In my first job after gaining my BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, I was called into the HR department and told that I had to unbraid my hair or not come back. It was in the 80’s, the style had bangs in front and unbeaded box braids with curled ends that […]

An assault, not “a haircut”​!

Heavy sad-angry sigh. Here we go again. Have you seen this? I’ve been explaining the powerful and political hair of Black folks all my adult life. To my close, cloistered, curious (white) roommates @Penn (“Why do you straighten your hair then curl it?”), to the (white) HR manager as she justified firing me for my […]

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