Can the Black Hair Market be a New Greenfield for Blacks in Tech?

You can take the woman out of Tech but you can’t take Tech out of the woman. After over 25 years in the Tech arena, my profile changed from Senior IT Manager @Cisco to Founder of @HeadSpaceNC, a startup in the Black Haircare/Maker space. But even the notion of being one thing or another continues […]

Hair at Work

In my first job after gaining my BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, I was called into the HR department and told that I had to unbraid my hair or not come back. It was in the 80’s, the style had bangs in front and unbeaded box braids with curled ends that […]

Press Release: Rhythm Wigs Offers Professional Black Women Style, Quality and Service

For immediate release: Rhythm Wigs offers professional Black women style, quality and service Triangle, NC – Monday, October 16, 2017 – HeadSpace NC announces its latest creations Rhythm Wigs for kinky/curly career women over 40. Rhythm Wigs is a collection of wigs and wig services for professional Black women age 40 & older. These women […]

An assault, not “a haircut”​!

Heavy sad-angry sigh. Here we go again. Have you seen this? I’ve been explaining the powerful and political hair of Black folks all my adult life. To my close, cloistered, curious (white) roommates @Penn (“Why do you straighten your hair then curl it?”), to the (white) HR manager as she justified firing me for my […]

How to Change Your Part

At Rhythm Wigs, our handcrafted custom made units are created to your specifications. Ready to go blonde? Ecstatic about going short or ready to play with a little length? Want to try a different texture? You name it, and we’ll take care of it for you! However, from time to time, you may want a […]

How to Make Your Wig Look Natural

As women, we desire to look our absolute best at all times. So when it comes to making a decision about wearing a wig, the one apprehension some women have is whether or not it will look natural on them. While we understand that our natural tresses deserve an occasional rest from exposure and manipulation, […]

How to Preform 2-Strand Twist & Twist Outs On Your Rhythm Wig

2-Strand Twist

It’s not a secret that a growing number of black women have started to embrace their natural tresses. Take a look at any group of women and you’ll likely find that naturals outnumber chemically processed women 2:1. Believe it or not, this isn’t a trend; it’s become a way of life! At Rhythm Wigs, we […]

Wash Day Routine for Human Hair Wigs From Start to Finish

Wash day is an important part of any hair care routine from natural locs to permed tresses and human hair wigs. When you invest in a quality wig, you want it to last! One of the ways to ensure that you achieve the desired longevity is to practice a consistent maintenance routine. Follow the steps […]

Wig Terms Every Black Woman Should Know

Rhythm Wigs

A wig is a great way to change up your look while protecting your natural hair. Hence, why so many naturalistas are using them as a primary protective style option. While it may seem like a simple process to walk into a beauty supply store or browse an online retailers site, there’s much more to […]