Rhythm Wigs is a line of wigs & wig services for kinky/curly professional women over 40. Our customers are the cool, confident, culturally conscious mentors, moms, aunties, and grandmas who desire to boldly assert the kinky/curly hair aesthetic. They’ve been there, done that, and are ready to do it again, but they are not well-represented in the hair care market. Rhythm Wigs is for women who want exemplary service, quality they can trust and style options created with them in mind.

With wig styles such as “RESPECT”, “A Love Supreme”, and “Groove is in the Heart”, you will discover just the right rhythm-textures, colors, cuts that fit your face, the clothes you wear and the demands of professional and personal lifestyles.

Born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, Owner & Creative Director, Angella Fraser has always had a love affair with the magic of our textured hair.  After a 25-year career in the Banking & Technology sector, she became a licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist to give women 'of a certain age' who love curly textures, more options and a sense of freedom.